Human Rights Committee - Report

November 22, 2021

In a healthy democracy like Australia, any rules that will make it more difficult for citizens to cast their votes—voting is compulsory—are troubling and deserve the keen scrutiny of parliament through the committee process.

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Offshore Electricity Infrastructure

October 27, 2021

Australia as a continent and an island nation has one of the longest coastlines in the world. The potential for offshore wind generation is more than we could ever use ourselves, even if we expand our domestic manufacturing as Labor plans to do. Offshore energy generation is an export opportunity, particularly in terms of South-East Asia and the billions of people moving into the middle class in that part of the world. As we see, time and time...

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Aged Care

October 25, 2021

This constituent continued with some suggestions which are relevant to this debate today: These may seem like small issues to some, but for people who have to live with these problems on a daily basis, it is simply not good enough. Families are paying a lot of money for very average, and in some cases, below average care. Minimum staffing numbers need to be set by governments. Care workers need to be more skilled. Care residents deser...

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Putting Australian Jobs and Industry First

October 21, 2021

An Albanese Labor government will rebuild the nation's manufacturing industry with a comprehensive plan to create jobs, boost vital skills, bring industry expertise back onshore and supercharge national productivity.

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The Morrison Government Aren't Up To The Job

October 20, 2021

This is the Prime Minister who, when he was Treasurer, proudly brought in a lump of coal into question time to taunt Labor about our renewable energy policies.

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In Twenty Years

October 18, 2021

Today, as a part of the Raise Our Voice, Youth Voice in Parliament Week, the future leaders of tomorrow submitted speeches to their local members in hope that their words would be read in Parliament. I’m reading a speech written by 16 year old, Ella Marshall, who lives in my electorate.

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