A missed opportunity

February 17, 2022

The parliament had a chance to extend protection from vilification to people of faith, particularly minority religions, like my Muslim and Sikh communities, who have been telling me for years they need this protection. Parliament could have stepped up last week. Instead, the Prime Minister stepped down to the gutter.

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Religious Discrimination (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2021

February 10, 2022

The electorate that I represent has a mosque in Kuraby that has been vandalised, terrorised and burnt.

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Religious Discrimination Bill 2021 - Second Reading

February 08, 2022

Good legislation does not divide the community.

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The Australian Defence Force

November 29, 2021

I hope that Hugh and Andrew know that we are proud of their service. I'm certainly proud of them and I wish them well.

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Corporations Amendment

November 26, 2021

I need to stress to those opposite that no lawyer can charge for work that they do not do. No lawyer gets paid for an hour of work that they have not properly billed. The previous speaker talked about shady contracts between people, when, really, this is all about protecting the wealthy from the actions of those who need someone to speak up on their behalf. I urge the parliament to support the amendment moved by the member for Whitlam.

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Australia's Family Law System

November 22, 2021

My private member's bill is one example. It removes a dangerous presumption in the Family Law Act that has been recommended by many reports. The Women's Legal Services Australia has been calling for this change as part of their Safety First in Family Law campaign—endorsed by more than 90 organisations. I introduced this private member's bill last year. It is still before this chamber, and all the Prime Minister needs to do is to bring it on, b...

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