Test for Turnbull: 18C Report does not recommend changes to existing law

Today the Committee set up to water down race hate speech has found no basis to recommend any changes to Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

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Higher Education, Parliament House

Mr PERRETT (MoretonOpposition Whip) (10:54): I rise to support the motion by the member for Sydney on behalf of all university students in all universities but particularly the more than 13,000 students who attend Griffith University, in my electorate of Moreton.

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ABC 612 Drive, 27 February 2017




SUBJECT/S: Penalty rates.

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Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Amendment Bill 2017

Mr PERRETT (MoretonOpposition Whip) (18:16): I rise to speak on the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Amendment Bill 2017—so-called 'improving productivity'. This legislation is anti-union, antidemocratic and anti-market. It is bad legislation for many reasons, and I will point that out through the prism of a couple of things.

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Watery Safety, Parliament House

Mr PERRETT (MoretonOpposition Whip) (17:35): I rise to speak on the motion put forward by the member for Kingsford Smith. I thank him for the motion and also for the great work that he does as a clubbie for Maroubra. 

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Year of the Rooster

Mr PERRETT (MoretonOpposition Whip) (10:37): Gong xi fa cai. As you well know, the Chinese diaspora in Moreton, and across Australia in fact, has been celebrating Lunar New Year for a few weeks—dancing lions, fireworks, great food and family and friends coming together.

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Education, Parliament House

Mr PERRETT (MoretonOpposition Whip) (15:42): Thank you for that protection, Deputy Speaker. Education is the great enabler in our society. In fact, it is the antithesis of those snobs who peddle the 'know your place' sort of line, because education lets you move through society by being given greater opportunity. I do not say that as poor white trash from the bush raised by a single mum; I am actually going to back it up with a quote from some author called Andrew Leigh. In his book Battlers & billionaires—a great book—he quotes some Harvard academics who say:

… we should think of inequality as a race between technology and education. In eras when technological advances outpace schooling attainment, the gap between rich and poor widens. But in times when the quantity and quality of education increases, so too does equality.

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Zombie Divorce Tax lives on

On top of the cruel cuts to family benefits announced this week comes another shock – the independent Parliamentary Budget Office’s latest unlegislated measures update has confirmed the government’s plans to implement its “divorce tax”, which targets families going through painful separations.

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Moreton Australia Day Awards, Parliament House

Mr PERRETT (MoretonOpposition Whip) (19:40): The Moreton Australia Day Awards have become a proud feature of the south side of Brisbane's community calendar for nearly a decade. We had a wonderful ceremony on Australia Day, held for the first time at the Sunnybank Performing Arts Centre. These awards are all about celebrating the spirit of volunteerism in our community—sadly, something that we do not see as much of as we would like and as much as Australia needs.

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Centrelink Debt Recovery, Parliament House

Mr PERRETT (Moreton—Opposition Whip) (13:45): I rise, like many other MPs, to inform the House about the frustration being felt in my electorate by people who have been sent Centrelink debt recovery notices. 

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