I Agree with Pauline Hanson (I Think)

I don’t often agree with Senator Hanson, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with Senator Hanson about anything. We see the world through different prisms. But on two occasions in recent weeks we have been on a unity ticket.

In Senate Estimates a few weeks ago Senator Hanson made critical and somewhat insightful comments about a policy that I also have very serious concerns about. Unfortunately the policy was also once put forward by her.

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Labor's TAFE and Vocational Education Plan

Australia’s economy is changing fast. As a result, the skills Australians need to get well-paid and secure jobs are changing too.

For many, these changes have not been easy. Underemployment is at record highs and unemployment is far too common – particularly among younger Australians, in the regions and for retrenched workers.

At the same time, more than one in three employers report difficulty filling jobs. It’s clear the jobs exist, we just need to ensure Australians have the skills they need to get them. 

Labor will fight Malcolm Turnbull’s out-of-touch cuts to TAFE and apprentices, and ensure we have a skills and training sector that prepares Australians for quality jobs, today and into the future.

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Labor's Dividend Imputation Reform: the facts

Under Labor's plan:

  • No one will pay a single cent more tax
  • No one will lose a single cent from their super contributions
  • No one will lose a single cent from their pension
  • No one will lose a single cent from their share dividends.
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NBN Crisis

At the moment I’m hearing about internet drop outs, slow speeds and frustrations dealing with broadband access. Lack of access to broadband for local homes and businesses has reached crisis point.

I’ve launched a NBN Crisis Petition calling on the out of touch Turnbull Government to fix our internet network. It’s not good enough and we demand better!

Will you sign so I can take your voices with me to Canberra?

Eureka Flag Motion

Full transcript below:

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My first speech 10th anniversary

A moment I will never forget. I'm proud to continue to fight for our local Southside community in Canberra.

Lord Mayor Quirk: listen to Tarragindi locals

Yet again Lord Mayor Quirk and Cr Adams have sold out locals in favour of big property developers. It's time for Lord Mayor Quirk and Cr Krista Adams to stand up and support Tarragindi locals.

Sign the petition.

Mr Turnbull: it's time for a National Integrity Commission

Labor has announced we will create a National Integrity Commission if elected. But we can have one sooner if Mr Turnbull and his LNP Government get on board with the idea.

Sign my petition.

Marine Reserves

Federal Labor is committed to the sustainable management of Australia’s marine resources and we are a strong defender and manager of our oceans and those who use them. Labor put the world’s largest network of marine reserves in place.

The Government’s recently released plans to wind back protections in our oceans are even worse than we feared.

Labor put the world’s largest network of marine parks in place in 2013, protecting over 2.3 million square kilometres of our oceans. It was based on the latest science and extensive community consultation.

When Tony Abbott got in to power he put these plans on hold. Now Malcolm Turnbull’s Government is directly attacking them.

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More Than 2,100 Families in Moreton Worse Off

The Government’s own secret hit list has revealed 2,130 families in Moreton will be worse off under the Turnbull Government’s new child care package come July 2nd this year.

These families are part of the 279,000 families around Australia who will be worse off under the Liberals new package.

This is extremely worrying news as most of the families who stand to be worse off are in the lowest income cohort – that is they have a family income of less than $65,710.

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