Doorstop – 18 June 2018

June 18, 2018

GRAHAM PERRETT, MEMBER FOR MORETON: Senator Pauline Hanson and the One Nation Political Party need to pay back every dollar that they’ve received from the votes of battlers in Queensland.

Last night, Senator Hanson voted herself a tax cut and ignored the people of Queensland who actually put her into office. For 22 years Senator Hanson’s been on the public purse, receiving tax payer money because of votes. And last night she completely ignored those Queenslanders.

Under Labor, under our tax plan, 1.9 million Queenslanders will be better off. Under Bill Shorten’s plan, we do not forget the battlers.

We saw One Nation last night showed their true Tory colours and forget Queenslanders when voting for the tax plan. It’s a shame. It’s a disgrace.