Australia Post

September 02, 2020

I'm speaking from Sunnybank on behalf of constituents, like Gary from Sunnybank Hills, who have been let down by Australia Post. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has contributed to the number of people feeling socially isolated in the Moreton community. Social and community groups have been prevented from meeting face to face, and for some people this was their only source of human interaction. Even in a digital world, some Australians still rely mainly on the postal service to stay connected and remain informed, and, if there was ever a year to remain connected and informed, it is 2020. So the decision by the communications minister and the CEO of Australia Post to cut postal services is baffling and irresponsible. Australia Post has reported a half-billion-dollar surge in annual revenues, and senior Australia Post executives have been rewarded with bonuses, yet still they cut services. Locally, Australia Post has cut its letter delivery service to every second business day, and some are saying it is even worse. Strangely, express post and parcels are still delivered every day, but letters are only delivered every second day and, Gary has said, maybe not even in a week at all. My constituents are very unhappy with this reduced service. The postal service is essential, and the communications minister should do his job and make sure he looks after all Australians who rely on this essential service.