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Protecting our Koalas in Toohey Forest

April 13, 2022

An Albanese Labor Government will provide $400,000 to construct a fauna crossing for koalas and other small animals between the Eastern and Western sides of Toohey Forest.

Toohey Forest is an ecological island in suburbia, just ten kilometres from the Brisbane CBD.  

The 260-hectare forest is home to koalas, short-beaked echidnas, lace monitors and over 400 species of native wildlife and plant species. Many locals use the many walking trails and enjoy seeing koalas and other fauna in their natural habitat.

The fauna rich habitat of Toohey Forest is intersected by Toohey Road. Koalas and other small animals traversing Toohey Road are at risk from traffic on this busy road.  

The fauna crossing will be constructed under Toohey Road, allowing animals to safely migrate between the Eastern and Western sides of the forest.

“We have a responsibility to protect these much-loved and endangered native animals,” Graham Perrett said.

“This investment will deliver better infrastructure and will protect local animals, so it is a win-win.

“I am proud to be able to deliver this fauna crossing, but it will only be delivered under an Albanese Labor Government”

Koalas in Queensland have been named as an endangered species. We need to take their protection seriously. The fauna crossing will ensure the koala colony living in our precious local forest will be protected.