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New LNP Senator Shares Racist Anti-Muslim Videos

February 07, 2018

It is disgraceful that new Liberal Party Senator Jim Molan has repeatedly used social media to share videos from well-known racist hate group, Britain First.

The new Liberal-National Senator has repeatedly defended his posts and their use of such disgusting content.  In fact, on Monday he shamelessly declared, “I have no apologies, I have no regrets".

Britain First is a far-right political hate group based in the United Kingdom.

A British MP, Jo Cox, was assassinated in June 2016 by a far-right extremist who yelled "Britain first" as he carried out a frenzied stabbing and shooting attack on the mother-of-two.

One of the Britain First videos purports to show Muslim men attacking a police car in France, while the other purports to show Muslim men harassing and assaulting young women in France and the Netherlands.  The videos have been discredited by online fact-checkers.

On Tuesday this week, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was given an opportunity to condemn his new Senator’s vile media activity, he refused.  He even went so far defending Senator Molan and his views to suggest “we are lucky to have him [Senator Molan] in the Senate”.

The Prime Minister refused to discipline members of his own Liberal-National Party that have reproduced hateful, white-supremacist content on their social media accounts.

How low has Prime Minister Turnbull set the bar for what’s an acceptable level of debate in Australia.

Those who excuse, encourage or spread the hatred of Britain First and their ilk are helping these terrorists in their abhorrent objectives.

I for one will always call out racism whenever I see it.  These videos are racist and Islamophobic.

Racist views and social media posts like those from LNP Senator Molan, and the views that evidently underpin them, are disgusting.