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Labor Investing in Upgrades for Schools in Moreton

May 01, 2019

The Member for Moreton, Graham Perrett, announced this week that a Shorten Labor Government will invest in local schools by upgrading facilities including:

  • $93,000 for Acacia Ridge State School, which will include new laptops for students and upgrading outdoor areas.
  • $89,500 for Oxley State School to upgrade its existing hall and outdoor play and learning areas.
  • $44,000 for Watson Road State School to improve its outdoor learning area.
  • $3,200 for MacGregor State High School for a new flagpole.

These Labor investments are on top of the $18.7 million extra investment in Moreton schools over the first three years of Labor’s Fair Go For Schools Plan.

“Schools across the electorate of Moreton will be more than $18 million better off every year under Labor,” said Mr Perrett.

“As a former teacher, I understand the importance of a school environment that is stimulating for children to learn in. Children shouldn’t be stuck in their classrooms all day. They need good quality outdoor areas that can facilitate active learning activities.

“And equally important is making sure that students have the equipment they need to learn in the modern classroom.

“I’m very glad that investing in schools is a Labor priority. Our children are our future and their education benefits all of us.

“Our extra investment will transform public schools across Moreton and give all children the opportunity to reach their full potential, no matter where they live, or how much their parents earn.

“Labor can afford to pay for better schools and hospitals, cheaper child care and free dental for pensioners because we are closing down the Liberals’ unfair tax loopholes for the top end of town.”

This election is a choice between Labor’s plan for better hospitals and better schools, or bigger tax loopholes for the top end of town under the Liberals.

After six years of Liberal cuts and chaos, our united Labor team is ready.