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Kuraby Mosque

July 10, 2018

I've known Ali Kadri and the local team at Kuraby Mosque for many years. Ali is the captain of the Moreton team that takes on Rankin every year in our community cricket shield – a game to celebrate inclusion, harmony and multiculturalism – all things that make the Southside a great place to live.

We must all respect religious institutions and the right of people to freely practise their faith – whether you are religious or not of faith.

I am disturbed by these events on so many levels. Children being prevented from exercising their freedom of faith while being intimidated and bullied is particularly sad.

These gutless trespassers should know I think their disgusting actions are un-Australian. Trespassing, causing mischief and hurling abuse at children and elderly Australians, while they pray, is not how fair-minded Australians act.

It's certainly not behaviour that reflects the shared values of Brisbane's Southside.

I know the Southside community is stronger than these fringe radicals. The Southside that so many of us love and call home has more that unites us than divides us. We all have a duty to call out and condemn these acts, while always promoting an inclusive and accepting community.