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It's Cold Out There

June 28, 2018

A Red Cross survey has found that for nearly one-in-four Australians loneliness is a regular part of their lives.  Research has shown that being socially isolated has a physical effect on a person, making their body temperature drop. On the other hand, social interaction can stimulate physical warmth. For those in the community who are socially isolated winter can be a time of bone-chilling coldness.

The Red Cross recently launched their #beatloneliness campaign. In an effort to make our nation healthier and safer they are asking sporting associations to get involved in the campaign. The Red Cross says, ‘it takes a team to #beatloneliness”. Over 70 sporting teams in Queensland have already signed up and have received the #beatloneliness kit for players to wear on game days.  The teams take to the field with jersey’s blazoned with the ‘Loneliness’ team name and #beatloneliness tagline. The teams they are facing need to beat ‘Loneliness’.

One of the teams taking the challenge to #beatloneliness is the Sunnybank Hills Indoor Cricket team.

Grant, who plays indoor cricket in Sunnybank Hills, said “We always love getting the word out there for the right causes and through Sport always generates a great conversation starter for people to open up and know they are not alone. In the past I too myself have felt lonely even when around friends and family and the feeling is indescribable. If we have the ability to change that feeling in others by raising awareness for the campaign by simply wearing a jersey changing a name and doing something we do for fun on a weekly basis.”

It is important that the community get involved in combatting what is a growing problem around the world

It is important to get involved in local community groups. It is important for the individual and it is important for the community.

“I launched my ‘Say G’day in May’ campaign to engage with community groups on the Southside and promote the great work they do.  After walking more than 60 kilometres across the length and breadth of the electorate, I held a Community Group Showcase to invite local residents to come and see some of the community groups active in the area.  There was a great response from locals and community groups.  Locals suggested that the Showcase should be a regular inclusion on the local calendar.  It was a very successful event, with many groups having had enquiries about new members joining”, said Graham Perrett, Federal Member for Moreton.