Rapid Antigen Tests should be free through Medicare

January 13, 2022

Across the Southside, locals are struggling to find Rapid Antigen Tests, and facing difficulties caused by the Morrison-Joyce government's vaccine strollout. 

It is very clear that Scott Morrison has learnt nothing from the bungled vaccine rollout last year.

It is unbelieveable that in the third year of the pandemic, we still have a testing scheme that is plagued by supply issues.

Australians are still paying the price for Scott Morrison’s ‘it’s not a race’ approach – and many are missing out because of unaffordable or unavailable rapid antigen tests.

PCR tests are free for everyone through Medicare. RATs should be too.

Nobody should be denied a test because they can’t afford one.

Labor is calling on Scott Morrison to make rapid antigen tests free for all through Medicare, will you add your name to our campaign calling for free rapid antigen tests through Medicare? 

You can sign our petition by clicking here.

Information current as of 13 January 2021.