More Uni Places

January 06, 2022

An Albanese Labor Government will invest $481.7 million to deliver up to 20,000 extra university places over 2022 and 2023, making it easier for Australians to find a spot at university and get a job.

If we want a Future Made in Australia, more Australians need the opportunity to get the right qualifications for secure and well-paid jobs.

One in four Australian businesses are experiencing critical skills shortages at the same time nearly two million Australians are out of work or looking for more hours.

We should be investing in opportunities for Australians to study and upskill as we recover from the pandemic, rather than relying solely on immigration to plug our skills gap.

Under the Morrison Government, it’s getting harder and more expensive to go to uni. The proportion of applicants who get offered a place at university has fallen every year since the Liberal Government slashed university funding in 2017.

Last year, the offer rate fell to its lowest level in years. Over 50,000 applicants missed out on the opportunity to go to uni.

Under Scott Morrison, there simply aren’t enough university places, despite the fact Australia is facing shortages of doctors, engineers, teachers, pharmacists, IT specialists, and many others.

Labor’s plan

An Albanese Labor Government will deliver up to 20,000 new university places over two years to make sure people around the country don’t miss out on the opportunity to study.

More opportunities for people to study will help fix areas of skills shortages and fill future skills needs by training more engineers, registered nurses, tech workers and teachers.

We will aim to prioritise the new funding for universities which are able to offer additional courses in national priority areas like clean energy, advanced manufacturing,

health and education, or where there are skills shortages.

Labor’s commitment will also help our universities recover from the pandemic, after losing billions in revenue across 2020 and 2021 and shedding around 40,000 jobs.  

Additional funding will be allocated to universities based on:

Their ability to offer additional places in areas of national priority and skills shortage.  

Their efforts to target under-represented groups like those who are the first in their

family to go to university, and people in regional, remote and outer-suburban areas, and First Nations people.

Student demand.

Universities will receive funding over six years from 2021-22 for the additional 20,000 commencing university places across 2022 and 2023 in national priority areas. The cost of the policy is $481.7 million over the forward estimates.

This is good news for local universities like Griffith University. 

Recent advocacy for a better deal for universities and students.

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