Speech on Yeronga Meals on Wheels, Parliament House

Mr PERRETT (MoretonOpposition Whip) (16:27): On Thursday, 8 September, something momentous happened in my electorate: we said goodbye to a legend. At the AGM for the Yeronga Meals on Wheels, the president of nine years, Audrey Wise, stepped down after great service to a wonderful support for my community.

I remember Audrey Wise from the AGM back in 2007, before I was elected. I went along to the AGM with the local state member, and Audrey said, 'This could be interesting,' because at the time the board of the Yeronga Meals on Wheels wanted to close down the service, which would have left many people in my area without meals. So Audrey said, 'No, we can actually run this. With the new board and a bit of invigoration and some volunteers, we can run it.' Since then, in the last nine years, they have served and saved countless lives and helped many people out.

While we are mentioning Meals on Wheels, I would like to point out that on Wednesday, 31 August, when we were last in parliament, my office assisted the Sunnybank/Salisbury Meals on Wheels with trying to break a record. People from my office—Lee Lunney, Norma Todkill and Sasha Marin—went out and served meals for the day, helping out in what had been planned to be a Guinness world record attempt.