Speech on WAMCI citizenship ceremony, Parliament House

Mr PERRETT (MoretonOpposition Whip) (16:36): I recognise that one of the best parts of this job is being involved in a citizenship ceremony. On Saturday, 27 August, at 10 am—not at 9.59 at night at 10.01—the World Arts and Multi-Culture Incorporated hosted a citizenship ceremony at the Comfort Inn and Suites at Robertson Gardens.

I was lucky enough to be the presiding officer. I have been involved with many other World Arts events. I am always comfortable when going to such events because I know that Lewis Lee OAM will be the MC. When Lewis Lee runs an event, you know it will go like clockwork. He is the voice at the front of a large group of volunteers, and I commend all of the volunteers from World Arts for the great work that they do in the community on the south side.

I was at another one of their events on Saturday night as part of the mid-Autumn moon festival. But this citizenship ceremony, like every other one that Lewis Lee and World Arts have hosted, was wonderful. People came from all around the world with lots of different stories, but their value as Australians and their contribution to Australia was affirmed and recognised. I would hope that all Queensland MPs and senators would recognise the great contribution that multiculturalism makes to Australia. (Time expired)