Speech on Tarragindi Community BBQ, Parliament House

Mr PERRETT (MoretonOpposition Whip) (16:02): Yesterday I attended a community barbecue organised by the Annerley branch of the Australian Labor Party with the member for Griffith, Terri Butler, the Minister for Energy, the Hon. Mark Bailey, and also Councillor Steve Griffiths, and we were also joined by the Tarragindi Residents' Alliance.

Many people turned out to enjoy this community barbecue, but the No. 1 issue of concern for many of the people at the barbecue was the fact that there is a planned six-storey—effectively seven-storey when you include the parking—development to take place in suburb of Tarragindi, in an area that is zoned as parks and recreation by the Brisbane City Council and currently occupied by the Tarragindi Bowls Club. Tarragindi, Deputy Speaker—you wouldn't know it—is a place of tin and timber, of detached dwellings, of Queenslanders, of character housing, of rolling hills and lots of vegetation, so for the dense apartment dwelling to be constructed would be a complete break with the character and the Brisbane City plan for this area, and so I am calling on the local councillor Krista Adams to do what she said she would do before the recent council elections, and do what she can to oppose this monstrosity which does not fit the character of Tarragindi at all.