Speech on Painting for Pleasure art group, Parliament House

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the St David's Neighbourhood Centre's display, the Painting for Pleasure art group's art show, held at the Corner Cafe in Coopers Plains. I think it was staged for free in the community room, and so I thank the Corner Cafe.

This was the culmination of the Wednesday morning art groups, organised by Robyn Solomon and her team. Robyn is the deputy chair of the board of management at St David's Neighbourhood Centre. They meet each Wednesday morning; they bring in guest artists, such as Joan Cooper, Elizabeth Duguid and Cees Sliedricht, to help improve the artwork of those who turn up. They have displayed at other places including the Coopers Plains library.

Some of the artists I saw on Saturday included: Claire Bethany, Gayle Bodsworth, Rosalind Davis, Carolyn Grant, Ineke Hartman, Bev Kraves, Tim O'Dwyer, Denise Sandilands, Robyn Solomon and Marie Watson, to name a few.

I picked up a few pieces of artwork. They do everything from water colour to oil to sketches—big pieces of art down to gift and greeting cards. Obviously, the art in and of itself are works of beauty, but the art provides the community a chance for people to come out, pick up some skills and interact with their neighbours. I commend St David's Neighbourhood Centre for the great work that they do and I look forward to seeing future Painting for Pleasure art group displays.