Shameful Anti-Islamic hatred alive on the Southside

Southsiders have witnessed some shocking public displays of anti-Islamic hatred this week.

On Wednesday 23 September a man verbally abused a 35 year old Muslim woman at the Waterford West Shopping Centre.  

Anti-Islamic graffiti appeared near the bus stop at the Sunnybank Plaza Shopping Centre.  The hateful messages were stencilled in black paint on a rubbish bin.

Both of these acts discriminate against people of Islamic faith.

“I’m saddened that there are people in our community who think discrimination in any shape or form is acceptable,” said Mr Perrett MP, Federal Member for Moreton. 

“Queensland has laws to protect against discrimination on the grounds of religious belief or religious activity.  It is unlawful to, by a public act, incite hatred towards, serious contempt for, or severe ridicule of, a person or group of persons on the ground of the religion of the person or members of the group, said Mr Perrett. 

“People in our community work very hard to build respect and understanding of other cultures and our nation is all the more enriched for it.

“The fact that we have laws that prohibit discrimination on the basis of religious belief or religious activity demonstrates that social cohesion in Australia and in our local community is important to us. 

“Cowards who think that they can get away with spray painting hateful slogans in the dead of the night need to think again – eventually you will be caught.  

Logan Police are investigating whether an office against the Anti-Discrimination Act was committed by the man at the Waterford West Shopping Centre last week.

He has charged with Public Nuisance and Wilful Exposure and will face the Beenleigh Magistrates Court on 13 October.

"We need to encourage harmony within society and send a strong message to those who want to incite division. Your actions are unacceptable, you are breaking the law and if you are caught, you could be prosecuted,” said Mr Perrett.


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