Public Education Day

Today is Public Education Day, a day when we celebrate the values, traditions and achievements of public education in Australia.


Picture: I caught up with some Qld teachers and principals for a breakfast in Parliament House this morning.

Having taught in Queensland state schools I’m very well aware of the enormous contribution they make to education and our economy.

Today is also an opportunity to recognise the achievements of our students and the commitment of teachers and parents to the common pursuit of a first class education for our children.

Sadly, on Public Education Day this year, schools and parents are staring down the barrel of a Turnbull Government policy that will cut $22 billion from Australian schools over the next decade.

Public schools will receive $3.2 billion less in 2018 and 2019 than they would have under Labor’s plan.  The same plan that the LNP endorsed before the 2013 election!

Principals tell me that this means: fewer teachers; thousands of students who won’t obtain the benefits of specialist programs, additional in-class help, extra literacy and numeracy programs; nor will there be any extension for gifted and talented students.

I am writing to reassure you, your staff and your parent community that Labor is committed to restoring every cent of the $22.3 billion that Malcolm Turnbull is cutting from Australian schools.

Shadow Minister for Education, Tanya Plibersek, spoke about school funding in Parliament this week.  You can watch her speech or read the transcript.

Full transcript available here.

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