Penalty Rates

Prime Minister Turnbull and his coalition colleagues have long supported, and now will enforce, a cut in penalty rates for Australia’s lowest paid workers. Sadly Prime Minister Turnbull will do this without any economic modelling or any idea how many jobs may be created as a result.

Treasury, the chief economic adviser to Government, has confirmed that it has done no modelling on the impacts of the penalty rates cut decision.

Without any evidence or explanation of what ‘benefits’ Mr Turnbull expects the cuts to bring, he still champions a cut to penalty rates. He is completely out of touch in expecting the low and middle income earners who will bear the brunt of the penalty rate cut, to then also pick up the tab for his Government’s $24 billion tax handout for big business.

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  • commented 2017-05-05 10:46:44 +1000
    There are far too many workers, who not just need penalty rates, but they rely on it, for costs these days are ever increasing and the needs are so great. It is tie that the Government does the right thing in the right sector, Tax the big companies, and assist the poorer end of Australia and help to make this country what it used to be! Robert Goossens Runcorn, Qld 4113.