Penalty Rates - Labor Introduces a Bill

This week in parliament, Labor acted to protect the take-home pay of Australian workers.

On Monday, Labor tabled a Bill to stop cuts handed down by the Fair Work Commission.

We have continually called on the Turnbull Government to drop its support for penalty rate cuts, and to back Labor's plan to protect people's pay.

When Labor tabled the bill, we were also visited by a delegation of workers who will be directly affected by this cut. The people I spoke to all told me how they rely on these rates of pay to make ends meet. For some, this payment enabled them to raise their family in a time where things are getting more expensive. For others, it enabled them to put themselves through university and helped pay for rent, amenities and textbooks. 

Unfortunately, the Turnbull Government and One Nation joined forces to defeat a motion in the Senate to protect penalty rates. We came close - the vote was tied! But ultimately, by One Nation choosing to side with the government and support these cuts, the motion failed. 

This cut to take-home pay affects us all, across all stages of our lives. Labor will always fight for working people, it's in our DNA, and we need your help to let the Turnbull Government know these cuts are not okay!


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