NBN Crisis

At the moment I’m hearing about internet drop outs, slow speeds and frustrations dealing with broadband access. Lack of access to broadband for local homes and businesses has reached crisis point. The Turnbull Government’s substandard NBN has created a digital divide across Moreton.

I’ve launched a NBN Crisis Petition calling on the Turnbull Government to fix our internet network. It’s not good enough and we demand better!

Will you sign so I can take your voices with me to Canberra?

If you can, would you do a 'speed test' and let me know your internet speeds in the comment section? I've heard from locals either www.speedtest.net or www.ozspeedtest.com are good ones.

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Will you sign?

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    My speed was tested as 2.39Mbps
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    My speed was tested as 2.39Mbps
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    My speed was 2.39Mbps
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    The Turnbull government has no idea what the people want and need in regard to the NBN. They only listen to vested interests who want to protect their poor investments in outmoded cable technology. We must have fiber to the premises.
  • signed 2018-05-01 14:22:32 +1000
    Internet is absolute shite. There are no other viable options, especially in my area… all we have access to, is shitty ADSL 2+. Which, one could consider “Dinosaur technology”. Especially in comparison to other countries, which are FAR ahead of us in regards to internet speeds.

    This has been an issue for years, and it’s an issue which is long over-due of addressing. I can say, on behalf of a lot of people… that we’re sick of empty promises. And most of all, we’re sick of waiting for better options.

    Give the people what they want, especially when we’re willing to pay for better internet.
  • signed 2018-04-30 20:53:24 +1000
    When The NBN will be implemented at Kuraby Area.
  • signed 2018-04-17 11:12:01 +1000
    In 2005 I had to switch from ASDL2+ that was barely capable of 6mb/s over copper and because every time it even hinted at raining we’d lose connectivity for days.

    This copper delivered service was totally unreliable, since then we have been on the Telstra HFC network which has performed flawlessly with nearly zero interruption. I get 97-116mb/s all day every day.

    NBN Co and the LNP Government went on the record saying their was no point overbuilding the HFC Networks and would instead upgrade them when they paid Telstra & Optus 11Bn to retain them.

    Now NBN Co have done exactly what they said they wouldn’t do and in my street they are forcing FTTN on us instead of upgrading our HFC. Yet the street above me gets upgraded HFC, and the Streets below me are getting FTTP.

    This move to push us back onto the copper not only reintroduces a medium that Telstra never saw fit to remediate and we know is not able to provide a stable outcome it also provides a service that performs worse then the one I have had for over a decade, this is a step backwards not a step forwards. The average best speed NBN Co delivers with FTTN is 67mb/s a far cry from the 100mb/s I get now.

    Having Upgraded HFC and FTTN in every street around us also vastly lowers our homes resale value by making it less desirable and this value gap will grow over time.
    I am also not happy about having FTTN Node cabinets installed in a suburb with underground power and services, one of the reason I purchased in this area was because of the lack of visual services like telephone poles etc. Just another way NBN Co are messing with the value of our homes.

    The NBN was meant to be about providing a stable, scalable network to power innovation and support the needs of future generation. What NBN Co are delivering totally misses that brief and the mixed technology methodology is nothing more then political expediency which creates digital second class citizens.

    If I buy investment property or a new family home I know I will only buy in locations with FTTP or the Upgraded HFC.

    The People of Moreton have been duded. I will hang onto my existing HFC service till the very end. Technology Choice is no choice at all given the thousands of dollars we are expected to lay out just in order to maintain a level of service we already get.
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    Is there nbn in Morton? We have been delayed so many times I thought it was just like the tooth fairy
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    The issues we observe … constant dropouts of up to hundreds per day, excessively slow speeds download just for standard internet use such as accessing email (download from 0.3Mbps – 7 MBps [on a good day]) , streaming videos is useless, Internet TV Fetch is unable to record programs due to constant drops, standard internet completely stalls for up to 10 minutes at a time several times per day and somedays several times per hour/ per day. The phone line is also impacted such that we cannot have a phone and internet connected at the same time else both fail and give no service.

    Broadband provider (Optus) has tested multiple times as well as Infrastructure provider (Telstra) none are able to remedy. The issue has become progressively worse over past 18 months. Currently we are at the point where it is questionable if we should bother with a Broadband service, paying $100+ per month for Zero value. Currently experience is like living in 1990s with 19K dial up. As a fulltime trader, somedays I am unable to use my tools to execute my business and make a living.
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    at night time , around 6-10pm, the Internet running slow at home
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    Communications and IT infrastructure is basic to a modern well-functioning economy. As a nation, Australia can afford and should be setting up a system which sets a global benchmark for efficiency, utility and robustness. Instead, the citizens have been dished out an obsolete band-aid network which will act as a bottleneck on the sustainable development of this country for decades. SHAME.

    Matthew Gray

    Salisbury QLD
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    Joan Sherriff
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    Frank Carroll
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    Ray Pople
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