NBN Crisis

At the moment I’m hearing about internet drop outs, slow speeds and frustrations dealing with broadband access. Lack of access to broadband for local homes and businesses has reached crisis point. The Turnbull Government’s substandard NBN has created a digital divide across Moreton.

I’ve launched a NBN Crisis Petition calling on the Turnbull Government to fix our internet network. It’s not good enough and we demand better!

Will you sign so I can take your voices with me to Canberra?

If you can, would you do a 'speed test' and let me know your internet speeds in the comment section? I've heard from locals either www.speedtest.net or www.ozspeedtest.com are good ones.

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Will you sign?

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    at night time , around 6-10pm, the Internet running slow at home
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    Communications and IT infrastructure is basic to a modern well-functioning economy. As a nation, Australia can afford and should be setting up a system which sets a global benchmark for efficiency, utility and robustness. Instead, the citizens have been dished out an obsolete band-aid network which will act as a bottleneck on the sustainable development of this country for decades. SHAME.

    Matthew Gray

    Salisbury QLD
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    Joan Sherriff
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    Frank Carroll
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    Ray Pople
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    I don’t want to move to a system (Broadband) that is less reliable than the ADSL2 I’m currently using
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    Diane Cartmer
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    I do not have NBN yet ( apparently soon as have one piece of the chaos installed on the outside of our hous) but have been haggling with Telstra for over four years to repair my line after their temporary fix in 2014. A black cable was installed from the pit in the footpath over my fence then wrapped around a tree and across to my house in response to my provider, Internode (no complaint about them) contacting i Telstra as their responsibility ) as the line dropped out each time it rained. I have contacted Telstra a number of times since to seek permanent fix ( it weary trying g to keep onto them but I suppose that is their tactic – wear ya down) Each time a temporary fix. Initially the black cable was cut as people walked across it on the footpath ( their solution dig it into the ground) but still leave dangling over our fence and tree. Second contact it was hanging across the tree to the house and a hazard as the tree had grown and the cable sagging across our garden path. Once again Telstra wrapped the temporary line higher on the tree and secured with gaffer tape! Most worrying was last October they said it is my responsibility as NBN will be installed and householders responsibility from the pit to the house . I am ready to write to the telecommunications ombudsman but thought I would share . I have taken photos .

    Thanks for petition
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    Everybody knew fibre was the better option when the NBN was announced. It’s time to admit the MTM model isn’t working and do it right.
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    I have had no positive feedback from anyone I know who has non. We are happy with the internet we have now so why risk loosing coverage.
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    Justin A Sheldrick
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