Moreton pensioners angry at pension cuts

Hundreds of pensioners in Moreton have today joined the Shadow Minister for Families and Payments, Jenny Macklin and local member Graham Perrett to discuss the Abbott-Turnbull Government’s cuts to the pension.

The message from pensioners in Moreton today was loud and clear: they never voted for the Abbott-Turnbull Government’s cut to the pension.

Before the last election, the Abbott-Turnbull Government said there would be no change to pensions.

But in June this year, the LNP did a deal with the Greens to cut the pension.

Despite changing leaders, pensioners still feel let down by the LNP.

Across Australia around 330,000 pensioners are set to lose all or part of their pension.


Over the next ten years, around half of all new retirees will be affected.


There are around 5,000 part pensioners in Moreton, some of whom will lose all or part of their pension because of the Abbott-Turnbull Government’s cuts.


Singles will lose as much as $8,000 and couples will lose as much as $14,000.


These pensioners are not all millionaires. They are middle income retirees who have worked hard all their lives and saved for their retirement.


Pensioners know that Malcolm Turnbull voted for these cuts in the Parliament.


Pensioners know that Malcolm Turnbull voted for cuts to the indexation of the Age Pension that would have seen 12,000 pensioners in Moreton have their pension cut.


Pensioners know that Malcolm Turnbull still wants to increase the pension age to 70.


How does Malcolm Turnbull expect builders and farmers to work until they’re 70?


Only one party will protect the pension.

 Only Labor will fight for Moreton pensioners.



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