Moorooka Laneway Festival and Ballistic Beer Company, Parliament House

Mr PERRETT (Moreton—Opposition Whip) (16:29): I want to mention two events I went to in my electorate on the weekend—firstly, the Moorooka Laneway Festival in the suburb where I live. 

Steve Griffiths, Mark Bailey and many others organised this wonderful event with music, fun and entertainment that particularly showcased African culture. But the highlight for me, the zenith of my life as a politician, is that a brewing company has opened in my electorate. In fact, it is a brewery I can walk to, and hopefully should be able to walk home from. It is the Ballistic Beer Company in McCarthy Road, Salisbury. Their beers are available on tap at the Wellers Hill Bowls Club and at other places. David Kitchen, one of the owners, and the head brewer Lachy Crothers have these descriptions on their web page: David is a former 'chartered accountant, banker and diplomat'; and Lachy is a 'tatted young, idealistic, opinionated brewer'. So there is this mix of old and new. The 'crusty, conservative old fart', as David describes himself—apologies Deputy Speaker Claydon—and the young Lachy have a:

… team of complete opposites, determined to make beers that contrast flavours and find a happy place between old and new.

Sounds fine to me. I have to do some research into this small business in my electorate and I will report back to parliament.

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