Marriage Equality Postal Survey About One Issue Only

I am extremely concerned to learn that some organisations and individuals are distributing misinformation about the marriage equality postal survey in mailboxes across Brisbane’s Southside. We live in an inclusive and harmonious community, and these flyers peddling propaganda seek to undermine it.

In the upcoming marriage equality postal survey everyone should vote with their conscience: if you support marriage equality, vote Yes; and if you don’t, vote No. However you choose to vote, all I ask is that you make an informed vote based on facts, not misinformation and lies.

This survey is about one question and one question only: do you support allowing same-sex couples to marry? It is not about any other issue!

I believe all Australians should be able to get married. I’m voting Yes for my brothers, Simon and Nick, and all the Moreton residents who’ve approached me about this injustice over the last decade.

When you fill in this survey, when you vote Yes for same-sex marriage, you include all Australians. When we include all Australians, I believe we are a stronger nation.

During this process if you have any concerns about the survey or would like more information, please contact my office on 3344 2622.

No one should ever feel isolated. Should anyone feel they need it, there is support available: BeyondBlue 1300 224 636; LifeLine 13 11 14; or SANE Institute 1800 187 263.

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