Malcolm Turnbull must pull Christensen into line

Turnbull Government MP, George Christensen has again sought to inflame tensions in the community with the launch of his new website which features the masthead, War on Radical Islam.

The website features violent imagery including a knife and a gun scope.


“Labor supports meaningful efforts to counter violent extremism and recognises and supports the efforts of the Parliament to address this very serious issue,” said Mr Graham Perrett MP, Member for Moreton.


Violent extremism is not countered with juvenile and divisive websites from Government MPs.


As the former Director General of ASIO, David Irvine has said:


“We should also recognise that the strongest defence against violent extremism lies within the Australian Muslim community itself.”


Inflammatory remarks undermine efforts to build social cohesion and mutual respect and should be condemned by political and community leaders.


“Malcolm Turnbull must pull George Christensen into line and if he does not it is further sign he has lost control of his Government to the right wing of his party,” said Mr Perrett.




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