Lord Mayor Quirk: listen to Tarragindi locals

It's time for Lord Mayor Quirk and Cr Krista Adams to stand up and support Tarragindi locals.

The Brisbane City Council lead by Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has just recently approved a five storey high density development for the Tarragindi Bowls Club. This site off Andrew Avenue, Tarragindi was previously zoned low density sport and recreational land.

This is yet another example of the City Council not listening to the community given almost 2,000 residents have lodged written objections with Lord Mayor Quirk.

This development will set a dangerous development precedent for the character and liveability of Tarragindi into the future. It will now be easier for similar scale multi-unit high density developments to be approved by the LNP majority Council.

The new five storey development will also have severe and permanent impacts on all its neighbours including a range of community groups located in the area.

We reiterate this decision is not appropriate

It's time the Lord Mayor stood up for locals.

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    This is development is not appropriate for this area
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    We will continue to fight this totally Inappropriate development.
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    With the growth of Brisbane we also will need more sport and recreation land in future. Once land is lost to greedy development, it can never be reclaimed. Perhaps a grant could be found to return this land to the public for its proper purpose.
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    Sign the petition! Lord Mayor Quirk: listen to Tarragindi locals
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    The community has expressed strong views and the council has disregarded them. Preserve suburban communities and green space for future generations.
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    I do not support the decision on the approval of a retirement village (6 story development) on Andrew Ave in Tarragindi. This development does not comply with the beauty of our close knit, residential community. Considering we are surrounded by suburbs, Holland Park , Annerley and Greenslopes that already have such high density developments I believe that Tarragindi should remain a sanctuary for families.
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    Sign the petition! Lord Mayor Quirk: listen to Tarragindi locals
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    This will destroy the character of the region, and place significantly more strain on the surrounding infrastructure. The public transport alone is already inappropriate for the number of locals, and there is seemingly no plan to address this, nor the fact that it is not in keeping with the suburb’s character.
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    I acknowledged the application for 30 Andrew Ave has made significant changes to its design but this development is more about profit, than the needs of residents , a 5 storey development in this area is silly and unneeded and unwanted by the people of Tarragindi , Who settled in this Neighbourhood to get away from living in the shadow of developments like this. The council should think more about the services in the area before a development like this.