Labor will protect pensioners in Moreton from Abbott's cuts

Labor will protect pensioners in Moreton from Tony Abbott’s latest cuts to the pension said Graham Perrett MP.

Around Australia, 330,000 pensioners are facing a cut to their pension.

Some single pensioners in Moreton will be as much $8,000 a year worse off.

Some couples will lose as much as $14,000.

Before the election, Tony Abbott promised there would be no change to pensions.

Last year, he tried to cut the pension by up to $80 a week to over 3.5 million pensioners.

Together with pensioners, Labor has fought his measure every day for the last year.

And because of Labor, Tony Abbott was shamed into shelving his cuts to indexation.

But Tony Abbott hasn’t got the message. He still wants to cut the pension.

In this year’s Budget, Tony Abbott wants to cut the pensions of 330,000 pensioners.

90,000 of these will lose their pensions entirely.

Mr Abbott still wants to increase the pension age to 70.

He still wants to give Australia the oldest retirement age in the world.

This is another cut for pensioners, and another broken promise.

These pensioners have worked hard and saved their whole life. They deserve dignity and respect in their retirement.

Instead, Tony Abbott is attacking their savings.

There are 5 380 part-pensioners in the electorate of Moreton.

Labor will continue to fight for them by opposing Tony Abbott’s cuts.

DATE:  17 JUNE 2015


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