Fix Our Hospitals

It’s time to fix our hospitals.

Our community relies on local hospitals to keep us healthy and well. Our hardworking nurses and doctors do an amazing job under incredible pressure.

Unfortunately their job will get even harder. Mr Turnbull is cutting funding to every public hospital across Australia – including $160 million cut from Queensland hospitals.

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Labor's TAFE and Vocational Education Plan

Australia’s economy is changing fast. As a result, the skills Australians need to get well-paid and secure jobs are changing too.

For many, these changes have not been easy. Underemployment is at record highs and unemployment is far too common – particularly among younger Australians, in the regions and for retrenched workers.

At the same time, more than one in three employers report difficulty filling jobs. It’s clear the jobs exist, we just need to ensure Australians have the skills they need to get them. 

Labor will fight Malcolm Turnbull’s out-of-touch cuts to TAFE and apprentices, and ensure we have a skills and training sector that prepares Australians for quality jobs, today and into the future.

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Labor's Dividend Imputation Reform: the facts

Under Labor's plan:

  • No one will pay a single cent more tax
  • No one will lose a single cent from their super contributions
  • No one will lose a single cent from their pension
  • No one will lose a single cent from their share dividends.
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Marine Reserves

Federal Labor is committed to the sustainable management of Australia’s marine resources and we are a strong defender and manager of our oceans and those who use them. Labor put the world’s largest network of marine reserves in place.

The Government’s recently released plans to wind back protections in our oceans are even worse than we feared.

Labor put the world’s largest network of marine parks in place in 2013, protecting over 2.3 million square kilometres of our oceans. It was based on the latest science and extensive community consultation.

When Tony Abbott got in to power he put these plans on hold. Now Malcolm Turnbull’s Government is directly attacking them.

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More Than 2,100 Families in Moreton Worse Off

The Government’s own secret hit list has revealed 2,130 families in Moreton will be worse off under the Turnbull Government’s new child care package come July 2nd this year.

These families are part of the 279,000 families around Australia who will be worse off under the Liberals new package.

This is extremely worrying news as most of the families who stand to be worse off are in the lowest income cohort – that is they have a family income of less than $65,710.

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Manus Island Closure

Pensioner and Seniors Kit

I've made updates to my Pensioner and Seniors Kit to reflect the recent payment indexation on 20 September.


It's available HERE, or contact my office for a copy.

Home Visits

Labor values the important role that after hours home visits play in our health care system. Home visits improve access to primary care outside 9-to-5, and can help to prevent unnecessary and expensive hospital visits.

As you may be aware, the Government’s Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Taskforce is reviewing after hours home visits in response to concerns about the quality and cost of some home visit services.

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Complimentary Medicines

Labor understands that many Australians use natural therapies and products. However, in a difficult budget environment we also believe that public subsidies need to be based on the best available evidence.

A review released by the current Government found no evidence that homeopathy and a number of other natural therapies are clinically effective. 

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Students and unis will suffer under Turnbull's cuts to higher education

Universities in Queensland will have their funding cut, in total, by more than $400 million.  Griffith University in my electorate will have its funding cut by more than $85 million; the University of Queensland, just across the river, will have its funding cut by more than $96 million; and the Queensland University of Technology will have its funding cut by more than $89 million.

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