Humanitarian intake should be non discriminatory


Graham Perrett MP, the Member for Moreton has called on the Abbott Government to take its advice from the UNHCR when it comes to our humanitarian intake and those in most need.


Mr Perrett was responding to reports that members of the Abbott Government had called for priority to be given to Christians and other persecuted minorities from the Syrian conflict. 

“There is no doubt that many of the persecuted people fleeing these conflict zones will be of different religions and ethnicities, including Christians, “ Mr Perrett said.

“However, Australia has enjoyed a bipartisan non-discriminatory migration system for many years, one that is not based on gender, ethnicity or religion.  

“It is very disturbing that senior members of the Liberal Government are calling, effectively, for an end to that form of non-discrimination.  

 “If you are a victim of war, surely your safety should be the most important concern, not your religion.”  said Mr Perrett.


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