How Low Will Hanson Go?

Not even 24 hours after the tragic terrorist attack at the heart of democracy in London, The One Nation Political Party’s leader has launched a bizarre attack on an entire religion.

Queensland Senator Hanson should hang her head in shame at this vile political stunt to promote her own agenda at the expense of families and friends affected by this horrid London attack.

All Muslims are no more to blame for the terrorist attacks of criminals than all Catholics are to blame for the sexual abuse of children.

The sins of an evil few should not be visited on the innocent many.

In the same week that the Prime Minister introduced a Bill to weaken the protections against race hate speech, Senator Hanson has uttered hate against an Australian religious community.

I utterly condemn the attack on Westminster Bridge in London and, like all Australians, my heart breaks for the families and friends of the victims. This is a tragic day for London and a day when, across the world, all politicians of all stripes should stand shoulder to shoulder against terrorists no matter who they are, where they come from, or what their agenda is.

Using this tragedy for political point scoring is despicable.


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    Well said