Holland Park Mosque, Parliament House

Mr PERRETT (Moreton—Opposition Whip) (13:57): Yesterday, I was proud to help raise the Australian, Queensland and Aboriginal flags as part of a ceremony recognising the history of the Holland Park Mosque, Australia's oldest continuing mosque with a history stretching back to 1908. Since that time, the Holland Park Mosque and everyone associated with it have contributed greatly to Queensland's significant multicultural and multifaith history. This history includes some of Queensland's oldest Muslim families—the Rane, Goss, Ramah, Deen, Khan and Howsan families to name only a few. The ceremony recognised many of these families and their commitment to our community.

Of particular note was the unveiling of a plaque dedicated to the late Imam Abdul Raheem Rane, who was the first appointed imam on the east coast of Australia. For 40 years, Imam Rane loyally served his community as an unpaid imam and social worker. He was influential in setting up and supporting other Islamic societies across Queensland. The plaque was presented to Imam Rane's family, including his wife Joyce—nee Christensen—who, like Imam Rane, has a long history of service to the Islamic community.

I would like to thank everyone in the Islamic society of Holland Park for inviting me to participate in the ceremony, particularly Janeth Deen, a recent recipient of a Moreton Australia Day awardAward, and all those involved for organising the wonderful event. I look forward to continuing to work with people of the Holland Park Mosque, who are tireless in their leadership and work throughout our community. They will be around long after certain racist Queensland senators are a long-forgotten, historical blip.

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