Fix Our Hospitals

It’s time to fix our hospitals.

Our community relies on local hospitals to keep us healthy and well. Our hardworking nurses and doctors do an amazing job under incredible pressure.

Unfortunately their job will get even harder. Mr Turnbull is cutting funding to every public hospital across Australia – including $160 million cut from Queensland hospitals.

Patients presenting to emergency departments requiring urgent attention are being left waiting for longer. Only 66% of urgent patients in 2016-17 were seen within 30 minutes.

It will only get worse with $3.13 million being cut from QEII Hospital. This means, almost 5,000 less emergency department visits for locals who need them.

For those who rely on the PA Hospital, a whopping $13.08 million will be cut. This means, almost 20,000 less emergency visits in the next 3 years.

Making matters worse under the out-of-touch Turnbull plan, the Metro South Health area will have 81 less nurses a year, every year.

These cuts are yet another example of Mr Turnbull’s attacks on Medicare. Remember, the Government’s freeze on GPs and specialists is still in place. As a result, out-of-pocket costs for GPs and specialists have soared.

Labor is the party that built Medicare and we won’t stop fighting to protect it. Labor’s health record speaks for itself. When we last had the opportunity, Labor invested record funding in public hospitals, with specific funding to combat waiting times.

Labor will fight against these cuts because we know Australians deserve better. Join me in sending Mr Turnbull a message: fix our hospitals.

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  • commented 2018-04-12 12:23:00 +1000
    It’s also time to fix your deafening silence on the massacre happening in Gaza with Israeli snipers shooting down Palestinians holding their nation’s flag.

    You swore during your election campaign on a public stage that you would do everything you could to defend Palestine. You misled us that Shorten was firmly on board in the Palestinian cause (when you knew the opposite was true).

    You played that deception in three consecutive elections and sat tight and mute during two ferocious Israeli attacks that saw Gaza levelled and thousands, including children, dead and disabled.

    You sat tight during the Ahed Tamimi arrest and sentencing saga. You are nowhere to be seen either in the pro-Palestinian groups in Brisbane or in any of the protests and rallies organised.

    No doubt, you will be coming before the electorate at the next election with the same promises you have no intention or no guts to fulfil.

    Be honest. Be fair, Graham.