Don't shock my family for your profit

Posters advertising a new film are on display in Brisbane bus shelters with young women making rude gestures.   One of the bus shelters in Moreton is adjacent to a sporting oval used by a local Christian school.

“Our families should not be subjected, during their daily activities, to visual material that is clearly not within community standards of appropriate behaviour,” says the Member for Moreton, Graham Perrett.

“Unlike internet, cinema and television content, outdoor advertising is unavoidable.  It is impossible to ensure that children are not exposed to it.

“The distributor of this film, Village Roadshow Ltd, is attempting to cash in on the shock value of these billboards and have our family values pay the price.”

The company managing the placement of this advertising, Adshel, boasts on its website that their media reaches ‘92 per cent of Australia 68 times a fortnight’.  Adshel are a member of the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) who support the current self-regulation of advertising content.

“Neither Village Roadshow nor Adshel are taking seriously their responsibility to ensure that the content of outdoor advertising is suitable for viewing by everyone, including young impressionable children.

 “It is surprising that Brisbane’s Lord Mayor, Graham Quirk, has allowed this advertising on BCC bus shelters.

 “As the Chair of a Parliamentary Committee that looked at this issue in 2011, I am well aware of the community concern about this type of inappropriate and designed to shock advertising.

“It is time that these highly profitable companies are called out for their disregard of our families in the pursuit of profit.

“I urge all similarly concerned Brisbane residents to let the Lord Mayor and these companies know of their displeasure.”

Concerned residents may contact:

The Lord Mayor’s office – 07 3403 4400 or

Village Roadshow Limited – 03 9281 1000

Adshel – 07 3250 8200 or

Outdoor Media Association – 02 9357 9900

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