50% Renewable Energy by 2030 under Labor

Graham Perrett MP, said Labor’s commitment to renewable energy would deliver local jobs and lower electricity prices in Moreton. 



“A Shorten Labor Government will put renewable energy at the centre of Australia’s response to climate change,” said Mr Perrett.


“Labor will set a bold new goal for renewable energy to cut pollution, drive investment, create jobs and push down power bills for families and small business.”

Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten and Climate Change spokesperson Mark Butler have announced that Labor wants to see 50 per cent of Australia’s electricity generated by renewable energy by 2030.

“We want to see more solar panels on the roof-tops of Australian homes and businesses,” said Mr Perrett.

“We want to see battery technology developed in Australia so electricity from solar panels can be stored in our homes and small businesses.”

“Labor is not scared of windfarms.
  We want to make sure that investors in windfarms can be confident about investing in wind power to support local jobs.”

Mr Perrett confirmed that Labor in government will work with industry, scientists and the community to put in place the right policy settings to achieve this goal.

“There will be a clear cut choice between Labor and the Liberals at the next election when it comes to renewable energy,” said Mr Perrett.

“Tony Abbott is stuck in the past and sadly has done everything in his power to destroy renewable energy in Australia.”

“Labor is focused on the future and will have the policies we need to advance Australia.”

 “We will have sensible policies designed to reduce pollution over time, with a minimal impact on households and businesses.”

 Labor has already announced that an emissions trading scheme linked to international markets will be part of our comprehensive policy to tackle climate change.




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